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Marketing and Promotions

All of our packages can be customized with any of our A la Carte services..

Natural Beauty



We believe each book deserves it's own marketing plan, so our marketing team offers the following pricing:


Online Publishing

Website Design

Book Trailer Creation 

Customizable Book Marketing Packages

Banner Design 

Book Store Inclusion Program 

E-Book Formatting 

E-Book Distribution 



Photography Services:

Product Photo Shoot/Author Photo Shoot


A la Carte


Library of Congress Number 

Copyright Registration 

ISBN Assignment


Editing: Request Quote

Book Formatting

Proof Reading: Request Quote

Illustration: Request Quote

Bookcover Design (Typesetting, Layout and Proofreading Bookcover)




Promo Tours


Prior to an authors book release one may need to host a book party and schedule tour dates, and BaileyGirls is with you in your planning stages from start to finish. Contact us for tips or detailed info on our comprehensive booking arrangements when planning your Book Release/Tour. We will strategically maximize your public relations potential as a published author. Prices starting at $399




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